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Moxie is one that stood out to us in the yards at Denver 2017.  Not only are his genetics some of the hottest in the industry as a full sibling to Exit 174 and the 2016 Champion at Houston, but phenotypically he is impressive.  He is the ideal frame size in our opinion and offers a great tandem of balance and power.  He is a stout constructed bull that is round ribbed and studies correct in the angle to his shoulder, knee and hock.  Some have argued Moxie may be better than Exit 174 himself. Cool colored, big footed, awesome haired and perfect on his joints, walking with an awesome stride and as sound as you are going to make one.  Their full brother was Grand Champion at the Houston Stock Show & Rodeo, a huge accomplishment that most just dream of. It is unbelievable for a cow to make as many good ones as their dam, she is the real deal!  Use this bull with confidence – he is backed by a predictable pedigree and a unique phenotype.  Yellow Jacket x Heat Wave X Charolais

  • Color: Smoke