Smokin Bob

Registration No: Chianina #359759
Born: 09/01/2011


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This bull has been in high demand for some time and easy to see why due to the outstanding calves being produced across the US.  Smokin Bob will add skeletal width, muscularity and will still keep a reliable and athletic set of running gear underneath his offspring.  Calves are extremely attractive and stylish.  He is a very moderately framed bull that has unbelievable bone and is incredibly sound.  Smokin Bob is square ended, big topped, heavy structured and pulled-apart in the most perfect kind of way with all four feet facing in the right direction.  He is super gentle natured, smooth polled and is as cool as it gets to look at.  Homozygous Polled

  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Color: White
  • TH : Carrier
  • PHA: Free by Test
  • Makeup: 3.44% CA | 16.86% AN | 7.42% MA | 72.28% XX