MBP Two Tone

Registration No: Chianina #367802
Born: 02/27/2011


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With out a doubt, one of the most exciting red and white colored bull to come along in quite some time.  It’s hard to find an animal with a neck this little and a belly this big. With color in high demand we feel on black, Shorthorn, Charolais, and even Hereford cross cows the color patterns will be highly marketable.  This is an attractive, predominately red bull that offers extra stoutness in terms of bone and foot size.  A sire that is deep sided, square built and clean fronted with a beautiful neck extension.  A great option to add color and overall phenotype to your line-up.

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Red and White
  • TH: Carrier
  • PHA: Free by Test
  • Makeup: 6.18% CA | 35.81% AN | 25.39% MA | 32.62% XX