PDM Deadliest Catch

Registration No: Chianina #370341
Born: 03/21/2011


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This very popular sire from Wade Rodgers has a flawless bone structure, great body mass, expressive muscle, hair and the right look.  This is a great selection to produce competitive Hereford marked progeny.  Deadliest Catch is stoutly constructed bull and will add rib shape, muscle and attractive look to his offspring.  We feel that Deadliest Catch will work incredibly well to produce calves with color.  He is good haired and good looking.  Look for him to become the go-to Hereford marked club calf of the future.

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Red and White
  • Birth Wt: 85
  • TH: Carrier
  • PHA: Free
  • Makeup: 3.44% CA | 50% HH | 19.92% MA | 26.64% XX