Uncle Si

Registration No: Chianina #370128
Born: 04/20/2013


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He possesses a winning look and does it in a sound, stout made, hairy package.  Uncle Si is Shorthorn marked, double clean and a sire that is extremely stylish.  If you’re looking for stand-out color and style in the ring, he’s a perfect sire option.  Plenty of bulls can look good when they are young, fat and hairy, but the great ones stretch away from the pack as mature bulls.  This Shorthorn marked bull has done just that and has developed into a favorite for many that have seen him as a mature sire.   If you are looking to add that Shorthorn color to stand out in the show ring, here is your extremely stylish, double clean option.

  • Horn Status: Scurred
  • Color: Red and White
  • Birth Wt: 75
  • TH: Free by Test
  • PHA: Free by Test
  • Makeup: 7.33% CA | 29.86% AN | 27.14% MA | 35.67% XX