MPH Z311 Rampage D1 {DLF, HYF, IEF, MSUDF}

Registration No: 43696424
Born: 01/07/2018


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MPH Z311 Rampage D1 has excellent phenotypic eye appeal with complete eye and scrotal pigmentation and is smooth polled.  Not only is he a performance powerhouse, but a maternal giant as well, coming from one of the most renowned cow families in the Polled Hereford breed, the Gerber Rosy Lane family.  His dam is on her way to Dam Distinction status with average progeny ratios of 2 @ 87 on BW and 2 @ 119 for WW and has settled first service A.I. each year and has produced 60 oocytes in 2 IVF aspirations. Rampage is backed by ideal udders and tons of milk – Rosie 3023A is a +37 MM and grandam X395 is a +34 MM. Currently he has multiple trait leading status for BW, Sustained Cow Fertility, CEM, MARB, $BMI, $BII and $CHB.


  • Horn Status: Heterozygous Polled
  • Actual Birth Weight: 660 lbs
  • Weaning Weight: 935 lbs (ratio - 121)
  • Yearling Weight: 1428 lbs (ratio - 116)