NJW 73S 980 Hutton 109Z ET {DLF,HYF,IEF,MSUDF,MDF}

Registration No: 43311893
Born: 02/24/2012


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We can’t say enough about the true impact this bull has had on our cow herd. His daughters are low maintenance, productive females that are just the right kind of brood cows. His calves are vigorous at birth, offering true calving ease and express explosive growth. The Hutton 109Z bull calves are loaded with muscle and performance and can hold their condi-tion throughout the breeding season in the toughest terrains and conditions.



  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Tattoo: 73S109Z
  • BW: 100 lbs
  • WW: 674 lbs
  • YW: 1223 lbs