GCC Ole Money 436J ET

Registration No: 525856
Born: 03/14/2021


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3/4 Maine 

This is the kind of bull that we dream of making, the kind that puts everything together from pedigree, to phenotype, to performance.  Bulls like this don’t just happen, they are rare and that said they are special.  We lost Boston this summer in perhaps one of the most financially and hardest business days that we have had.  Out of all of the heartache comes the fact that the progeny she produced will keep growing the Legacy and keep “Boston” a household name. 

Boston wasn’t just a fluke, she’s not just a cow that happened to be good.  A direct daughter of 5066, the dam of Masterpiece, Bae, Jezzeabelle and countless high sellers and great cattle.  5066 a daughter of 3066 who was a full sister to 2066, the dam of Chill Factor. 3066 was as pretty a cow as you have ever seen, she was beautiful.  She had a TJ heifer that Frank and Christina Ward bought for $11,500 in the Exposure when $11,500 was like a $100,000.  Those cows came from 066, the cow that came from Wisconsin and started it all, DONORS, DONORS, AND DONORS.

You bet this pedigree gets us pumped up because they are the right kind of cattle, consistency is bred deep.  John told someone the other day that had 30 head of cows to breed that he would breed all 30 head to Ole Money.  This is one you put everything in the middle for because you are holding the hand you only dream about being dealt.  Bet it all! 

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black
  • Birth Wt: 81 lbs
  • PHA: Free
  • TH: Free