Partner 5273

Registration No: 1137310
Born: 12/02/1994


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Partner was the 1997 Grand Champion Bull at the HLSR.  His individual data reads:  ADG – 4.01 lbs, WPA – 3.02 lbs.  He is the sire of Sheriff and many champion show heifers.  His pedigree carries Kubecka, Wendt and Nine Bar bloodlines.  He sires 80% polled calves when bred to horned females.  Partner is structurally sound and extremely fertile, with an excellent disposition.  He currently ranks in the top 1% for SC and the top 3% for Milk.  For fertility and maternal value, Partner is your choice.

  • AI Certificate Price: $5
  • AI Certificate Provider: Wendt Ranches (979) 240-5311
  • Percent: PB
  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Weaning Wt: 720 lbs
  • Adj Weaning Wt: 638 lbs
  • Yearling Wt: 1058 lbs
  • Adj Yearling Wt: 1108 lbs