Sheriff 5577

Registration No: 1165312
Born: 01/28/1998


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Line bred to Mr. Buckeye, Sheriff 5577 has been very consistent in producing eye appealing show winning cattle for years.  he is a big scrotal sire with an exceptional phenotype, moderate framed, polled, clean and thick made.  Smooth patterned, correct and structurally sound.  A great choice for American Club Calf producers.  His EPDs rank him in the top 1% for Tend, the top 10% for Milk and the top 5% for SC.  He is a polled bull.

  • AI Certificate Price: $5
  • AI Certificate Provider: Wendt Ranches (979) 240-5311
  • Percent: PB
  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Weaning Wt: 636 lbs
  • Adj Weaning Wt: 637 lbs
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect