SNV Buffalo Bill 3121A

Registration No: 1301928
Born: 10/27/2013


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SNV Buffalo Bill 3121A has an excellent structure and phenotype with extra length and depth.  He produces offspring that calve easy, have a great look and perform well through weaning and yearling.  His sire, PRR Campeon 7013S, had exceptional performance on the Geneplus Embrapa program on Brazilian performance tests. SNV 3121 is his best son and was bought by Alta Genetics Canada, but unfortunately died days before his shipment to Canada.  This is a sire that died too young, but lives on through the use of AI.  The photo we have is the only one taken before he passed.



  • Percent: Fullblood
  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Red
  • Mature Weight: 1700 lbs
  • Mature Scrotal: 40 cm
  • Mature Hip Height: 57 inches
  • ADJWW: 600 lbs