PRR Distinction 662B

Registration No: 2990375
Born: 09/25/2014


44 remaining

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PRR Distinction 662B is a solid red purebred Simbrah bull with an attractive phenotype and sound structure.  This horned bull will add pounds at weaning and yearling with a top 20% for WW and a top 20% for YW EPD.  But that’s not the only plus to this performance sire, as he can also add maternal value to your herd with a top 10% for Milk and a top 3% for MWW.  Add a top 2% CW, a top 25% for YG and top 20% TI and that’s why we added this Simbrah bull to our lineup.  He has been extremely popular internationally for Semex and we believe he not only has the ability to add performace to your herd but with his look will sire show prospects as well.

  • Percent: 5/8 SM 3/8 BR
  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Color: Red
  • Birth Weight: 75 lbs
  • Dilutor: Tested Free
  • HPS: Homozygous Horned Carrier
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect