Mr NLC Upgrade U8676

Registration No: 2474338
Born: 03/05/2008


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Our most popular sire for many years.  At the top of breed registrations for the last several years, Upgrade is known for siring added muscle, body and performance without increasing frame. This bull could be the most versatile option in our Simmental lineup. He offers great phenotypic quality and a genetic profile with consistency and accuracy. He will sire the look to satisfy the show ring and the performance to please commercial cattlemen as well.   It’s easy to see why he has been at the top of registrations with EPD rankings in the top 1% for YG and REA, the top 2% for WW,  YW and TI,  the top 3% for CW and finally the top 4% for ADG.  Homozygous black and Homozygous Polled.   He has been the most dominant and breed changing bull in history.   Huge growth numbers. API of 126.  Outstanding daughters with growth potential.  Sons and daughters have topped sales and will  be featured in shows and sales for years to come.

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Polled (Homozygous Polled)
  • Defects: NH: Tested Free
    OS: Tested Free
    AM: Tested Free
  • Traits: DL: Tested Free
    CC: Tested Free
    OH: Tested Free
    CCA: Tested Free
    HPS: Documented Free
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect