Triple C Invasion R47K

Registration No: 2287392
Born: 02/26/2005


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Invasion produces calves that are very stylish and have great dispositions.   He sires offspring  with good carcass values and  maternal merit.   Invasion was utilized in plenty of Simmental breeding programs with his exciting phenotype and balanced performance.  His progeny are structurally-right, medium-sized calves with a cool look and more than enough shape.  His docility is a big plus and he passes this along to his calves. Near perfect in his foot and leg structure and wide and square in his hip design.   Invasion offers indexes that are both well into the top 1% along with super potential for carcass value.  He ranks in the top 25% for CE and DOC, the top 20% for MARB, the top 10% for API and the daughters stay in the herd to produce for you (top 1% for STAY).

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Polled (Homozygous Polled)
  • Defects: PHA: Tested Free
    TH: Tested Free
  • Traits: DL: Tested Free
    CC: Documented Free
    OH: Tested Free
    HPS: Documented Free
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease