BBB WM Mamas Boy

Registration No: 2400233
Born: 03/03/2006


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A Meyers 734 son out of WAG Hairietta 9145J CAX cow.  Mama’s Boy is a TH and PHA free pedigree on stout made females to add style, hair and maternal greatness!  With his blaze face and solid black body, he will make them attractive and show winning.  He is Polled/S

  • Percent: 1/2 SM
  • Horn Status: Polled/S
  • Color: Black
  • BW: 88 lbs
  • TH: Tested Free
  • PHA: Tested Free
  • NH: Tested Free
  • AM: Tested Free
  • CA: Tested Free
  • Makeup: 1/2 SM x 3/8 AN x 1/8 MA
  • Tattoo: 6100S
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect