CAJS Blaze of Glory

Registration No: 2939840
Born: 09/02/2014


19 remaining

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CAJS Blaze of Glory has a royal pedigree with Uno Mas as his sire and a full sibling to Broker as his maternal grandam.  He was the 2015 Champion Simmental at NAILE, and we look for his progeny to be just as successful in the show ring.  A great combination of bald face, style, foot size, body capacity and phenotype.  High marks for Marb and Shr.

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black
  • BW: 90 lbs
  • CC: Documented Carrier in Lineage
  • CCA: Assumed Free
  • DL: Tested Free
  • OH: Carrier in Lineage
  • Tattoo: 42B
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect