ES Dakota NK68

Registration No: 2210354
Born: 04/16/2003


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ES Dakota NK68 is a performance sire that will really put pounds on the ground.  Dakota works well to enhance growth genetics, add muscularity, and add depth of body in a correct package. The bull posted the following ratios, 110 for Weaning, 109 for Yearling, 117 for ADG, 105 for REA and 107 for Marbling.  Currently ranking in the top 15% or better for nine EPD traits.

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Color: Homozygous Black
  • BW: 102 lbs
  • WW: 765 lbs
  • TH: Tested Free
  • PHA: Tested Free
  • CC: Documented Free
  • DL: Carrier in Lineage
  • HPS: Documented Free
  • Tattoo: NK68