Flying B Cut Above

Registration No: 2341498
Born: 01/11/2006


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Flying B Cut Above, fondly nicknamed “Fat Butt” for his pronounced “Badonkadonk”. You won’t find a Purebred Simmental sire with more muscle shape, neck extension and base width. This package is transported on a perfectly designed, massive set of feet and legs. His phenotype alone is enough to use this bull. Enhancing his value is the fact that he’s related to virtually none of the popular sires currently, yet brings to the table some of the most recognizable and successful foundation sires of the past; notably Black Max & Buck on both sides. It’s about time a sire is promoted for what he does, not just for what he looks like. Fat Butt progeny are a well balanced package of muscle, bone, style, hair and structure.  And his offspring are docile just like their sire (currently ranks in the top 1% of the breed for Doc).

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black
  • BW: 80 lbs
  • WW: 728 lbs
  • OS: Tested Free
  • NH: Tested Free
  • AM: Tested Free
  • CA: Tested Free
  • DL: Carrier in Lineage
  • OH: Tested Free