Ruby NFF Excalibur 002X

Registration No: 2538577
Born: 01/18/2010


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The hottest bull of any breed at the 2011 National Western Stock Show. Ruby NFF Excalibur commanded $65,000 for half-interest in “The One” Simmental sale making him the highest priced lot to ever go through that sale at that time.  The combination of having no Dream On and no Meyer 734 anywhere in his pedigree only adds to the value of this sire.  He is as long and clean necked as you can make a purebred bull while still maintaining a soft look.  His ability to combine so much mass and so much soundness only adds to his appeal. He will also increase carcass weights for producers. Use Excalibur to increase ADG and Carcass quality.

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Double Polled
  • Color: Homozygous Black
  • BW: 87 lbs
  • WW: 870 lbs
  • CA: Assumed Free
  • CC: Documented Carrier in Lineage
  • DL: Carrier in Lineage
  • OH: Carrier in Lineage