ZKCC Chopper 844U

Registration No: 2453413
Born: 03/24/2008


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ZKCC Chopper is the type of bull that can throw power and a top with the design demanded in all segments of the cattle industry.  Breeders continue to appreciate his daughters, as they come into production. You will not find a purebred bull that makes them any prettier or cooler looking than Chopper.  He works on purebred and percentage cattle alike, setting a style much like his sire, but with a dimension that’s all his own. Chopper has unmatched soundness, muscle shape and power, in a moderate frame with worlds of power and mass.  This baldy bull has all the look and style you could want in one with a popular pedigree, and an excellent choice for those wanting to add more maternal merit to their herd. He also has high marks for YG and REA.

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black
  • BW: 95 lbs
  • WW: 918 lbs
  • TH: Free
  • PHA: Free
  • Defects: NH: Assumed Free
    AM: Assumed Free
    CA: Tested Free
  • Traits: DL: Carrier in Lineage
    OH: Carrier in Lineage
    CC: Documented Carrier in Lineage
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect