DCR Mr Gizzmo Red G380

Registration No: 3636229
Born: 03/14/2019


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DCR Mr Gizzmo Red G380 is one powerful, solid red Bulletproof son.  He’s just what you are looking for in performance, tremendous depth, absolutely thick and with substantial length.  He has a perfect set of legs and bone, added to a completely sound structure.  This homozygous polled bull currently ranks in the top 15% or better for 9 EPD Traits.  We have been looking for a solid red bull that has what it takes to put pounds on the ground and DCR Mr Gizzmo Red G380 fits the bill.  Homozygous Polled, Solid Red and Powerful!

  • Percent: PB SM
  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Color: Solid Red
  • BWADJ: 94 lbs
  • WWADJ: 911 lbs
  • YWADJ: 1515 lbs
  • CC: Carrier in Lineage
  • DL: Tested Free
  • HPS: Parentage Free