WS Beef King W107

Registration No: 2499589
Born: 01/23/2009


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A perennial favorite, WS Beef King W107 is among the breed’s best for growth and post-weaning performance with breed-leading end-product merit.  Beef King’s legacy will be his highly maternal daughters with correct feet, leg and udder structure.  An elite red sire that combines phenotype and EPDs like no other.  Beef King has a unique combination of growth, muscle and carcass traits,  and has positioned himself among the elite red Simmental bulls in the breed.  This is a red Simmental that ranks in the top 20% of the breed or better for 10 EPD traits, including a top 1% for TI.  Homozygous Polled, Non-Spotter, Non-Diluter.

CSS qualified semen available

  • Percent: PB
  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Color: Red
  • BW: 85 lbs
  • WW: 876 lbs
  • Mature Weight: 2010 lbs
  • Mature Frame: 5.5
  • SC: 43.0 cm
  • Defects: DD: Tested Free
    OS: Tested Free
  • Traits: CC: Carrier in Lineage
    DL: Tested Free
    OH: Tested Free
    HPS: Documented Free