Clear Win

Registration No: I-255834
Born: 05/04/2009


25 remaining

This prime specimen is for those who want an extreme conformation to correct faulty genetics. He comes with a 59 lb birth weight and will blow past a ton at maturity. He has great conformation, thick muscle, huge forearm, hip personified, record horn T2T and a pedigree documented back to the breed’s greatest proven ancestors. See his sire, Win Win, for a glance at his mature appearance. He has a sire lineage all over a ton for 5 generations. He won 2012 World Champion T2T with the largest horn base in history at 19-11/16.” Horns 82″ at 44 months. He is the forward jump!

  • Horn Status: 87.38
  • Weight: 1910
  • Brand : 158/9
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Win Win
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