IDEXX Alertys Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test


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Syringe and tube sold separately


You can also draw the blood and send it in to us and we will do the testing.

Cost per test based on quantity of samples:

1 Sample $18.00

2 Samples $13.00

3 Samples $10.50

4-6 Samples $7.75

7-14 Samples $6.75

15-34 Samples $5.75

35-42 Samples $5.25

43-150 Samples $4.25

Over 150 samples $3.75


Samples need to be kept cold.

Shipping should be sent overnight, if not ice packs will need to be included.


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Bovine Elite

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Alertys Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test

Ruminant Pregnancy

Designed for the veterinary practice, the Alertys Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test is an enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) that can be run without ELISA instrumentation and read visually.

The Alertys Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test detects early pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (early PAGs) in whole blood (EDTA), plasma (EDTA) or serum of cattle as early as 28 days post breeding with no interference from a previous pregnancy after 60 days post calving. It can also be used from 28 days post breeding in goats, from 35 days (serum) and from 60 days (whole blood) in sheep, and from 40 days in water buffalo using whole blood. The test can be used from 83 days post lambing in sheep.


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