XRS2 EID Stick Reader


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Data collection is made easy with the XRS2 Electronic ID reader. Maximize individual animal performance and back up critical health, breeding and culling decisions by using the XRS2 Electronic Identification (EID) Stick Reader to view and capture animal information.  Bluetooth® wireless technology connects your reader to your scale indicator so you can easily share information using your smartphone.


  • Large sunlight viewable 2.7 inch color LCD highly readable screen.
  • Alphanumeric keypad for flexible data entry.
  • Fast tag reads with feedback through vibrating handle and audible beep when EID is scanned.
  • Customizable alerts to flag certain animals, such as a cull.
  • Add and edit session names to keep track of each session.
  • Capture animal information such as condition scores in up to 15 custom data EIDs with drop down options.
  • Up to 1,000,000 tag memory and tag counter
  • Easily download recorded information using your Windows computer or Apple iOS/Android™ smartphone.
  • Compatible with all Tru-Test EID weigh scale indicators
  • Includes a carry bag, power adaptor, USB cable, USB flash drive and 2-year warranty.