XHD2 Load Cell System


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Product Description: XHD2 Load Cell System

  • Brackets sold separately.  The brackets that come with each of the load cells can be welded or bolted to the chute.
  • This system is constructed and designed for permanent applications under manual or hydraulic squeeze chutes, as well as multiple animal platform scales.
  • Comes complete with four single load cells, mounting brackets, a junction box and lead-out cables (Home Run Cable) which connects the junction box to the scale indicator.
  • The four heavy duty load cells and junction box each have a 2500 lb. capacity (giving you a total system capacity of 10,000 lb.)
  • Each load cell is 11″ in length, 1.5″ in diameter, and weighs approximately 7 pounds.
  • There will only be about 4 inches in height between the ground and the chute when these are installed under the chute.
  • The load cells must be mounted in concrete to ensure safety, reliability and structural integrity.
  • The load cells have a plated tool steel construction protects against the corrosive agricultural environment.
  • Individual load cells can be removed and replaced for ease of service