Alleyway Platform AP600


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Product Description: AP600

  • The AP600 Platform is a portable aluminum manufactured platform to use in alleyways.
  • It has a low profile design that enables livestock to naturally walk onto the platform without hesitation; there are no sharp edges or sides on this platform.
  • The platform measures 24″ wide x 87.5″ long and is designed to be used with the MP600 load bars.
  • Includes ½ inch rubber stall mat that adds to better footing and traction and minimizes noise.
  • Aluminum 90-degree ends – installed on both ends to securely hold the mat to the base, preventing the mat from lifting after high volume usage of cattle rubbing their hooves across the edge of the mat.
  • TRU-TEST® MP600 load bars mount into the pre-drilled holes of the AP600 platform using the bolts included with the load bars.
  • A level surface such as packed dirt or concrete is necessary for the platform to function properly as the load bars have rubber feet to ensure stability.