XR5000 Weigh Scale Indicator (#823436)


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The ultimate Indicator designed to capture a wide range of animal information needed to help make the most well informed, profitable decisions at the weigh site. Optimize breeding programs, quickly identify poor performers and catch animal health issues early.

XR5000 Features:

  • This is the most comprehensive TRU-TEST® Scale indicator
  • Allows you to record and view complete animal history
  • Range of features to calculate and visualize performance of individual animals or groups
  • Design reports and graphs right on the indicator
  • Pre-loaded common setups or save own favorite setups to easily switch between jobs
  • 7” display with unique transflective screen technology gives screen clarity in even the brightest sunlight
  • Store up to 1 million records in 1000 weighing sessions and record up to 100 pieces of information for each animal
  • 10-way sorting (drafting) by multiple criteria
  • Calculate target weights for livestock
  • Track mothers and offspring with the offspring pairing feature
  • Track, apply, and manage treatments such as type, dosage, drug withholding periods
  • Set alarms for multiple data recording functions
  • More data transfer options including USB flash drive, USB to Windows PC, WiFi using the Apple and Android Data Link application
  • Accurate live weights captured quickly with Superdamp 4 technology
  • Quick access keys and keypad avoids dirty fingers on screen
  • Built-in step-by-step instructions and pop-up help
  • Rechargeable internal battery lasts 13 hours per charge.
  • Includes a hard plastic carry case, 110v power adaptor and 2-year warranty
  • USB cable (USB Type A to Mini-B)Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Includes a 2-year warranty.