Measuring livestock performance is vital to maximizing farm and ranch productivity and profitability. Utilizing the information provided by TRU-TEST® Scale Systems gives the confidence to make the proper decisions on cattle feeding, health care/treatment and herd management practices. Bovine Elite, LLC is a World Leader in Artificial Insemination, Semen Sales and Cattle AI Management Clinics. Weights and measures are a critical portion of a successful AI Program. In conjunction with strict culling practices, the overall performance of your cattle herd will improve dramatically.

On its own, weighing is a valuable addition to a farming or ranching operation. Accordingly, our offering includes world leading and award winning Weigh Scale Indicators, EID readers and Weighing Accessories that truly add value to your cattle breeding program.

Selecting a Weighing System                          Weighing In An Alley                          Permanent Weighing System