Tru-Test™ Load Bars

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Permanent installation (under a squeeze chute):

The load bars/cells are bolted to concrete and either bolted to the squeeze chute directly or through a bracket (depends on chute). Note that though the brackets must be bolted to concrete, the chute itself does not have to be mounted in concrete. This installation process can be involved as it also requires lifting of the chute during the installation process.
Products include:

• HD5T load bars

• XHD2 load cells

Portable installation (under a platform in an alley):

The load bars are bolted to either an aluminum Tru-Test platform or a custom/ranch-made platform, is generally placed in an alley near a head gate or squeeze chute. Simply use the included bolts and bolt the load bars to the platform through the platform’s pre-drilled holes. The system is light enough that two adults can move it around. This installation is popular with small herd producers for it's low cost and ease of installation. Ranches with multiple locations appreciate the ease in moving the weighing system between the various locations.

Products include:

• MP600 load bars (for 24” wide platforms)

• MP800 load bars (for 34” wide platforms)