truTest scales

Tru-Test has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the world's leading electronic livestock weighing systems for nearly 25 years. Our in-house research and development capability has created leading livestock management systems that are in use throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe and North and South America.

Tru-Test manufactures to the ISO9001 quality standard - the global seal of excellence in all facets of business, from research and design to customer service. When you choose Tru-Test, you receive the backing of the company that designs, manufactures, distributes and supports their own products.

Tru-Test products have been designed specifically to withstand the rigours of the testing agricultural environment. The words simple, rugged, versatile and powerful describe the Tru-Test range.

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New Products:

EziWeigh7 - new entry level indicator with internal Bluetooth® for electronic ID (EID), memory up to 15,000 records, 100 weigh sessions, Visual ID, average daily gain, animal comment or notes field, large backlit LCD, and internal battery up to 19 hours run time. 

BTID3000 - producers can take data collection and electronic ID to a whole new level.  Equipped with internal Bluetooth®, the new BTID3000 interfaces wirelessly with the XRS EID Stick Reader as well as with most other EID handheld readers.  BTID3000 indicators will be available for shipment on October 15th; pre-order your BTID3000 today.  Please note the ID3000 (non-Bluetooth version) is no longer available.    

AP Alleyway Platforms - the new AP600 and AP800 Alleyway Platforms weigh livestock faster and easier.  Animals walk onto the platform naturally with no hesitation.  The AP platforms have a flat wide base with no sides, no sharp edges, and a rubber mat for traction and noise reduction.  The AP600 platform replaces the Aluminum Cattle Platform, whereas the AP800 platform will soon replace the Diamond Series 800 Platform.


Changes in Existing Products:

XRS Stick Reader - a FREE soft sided carry bag is now included with all XRS Stick Readers.  Please refer to the EID Accessories section on the 2012 price list for more information. 

XRP Panel Reader - designed with powerful features, superior read range, and industry leading technology, the only change in this product range is the product SKU and barcode or EAN number as noted on the price list. 

XR3000 - with the release of the XRS Stick Reader earlier this year, nearly all XR3000 sales have transitioned over to the Bluetooth® XR3000 indicator (BTXR3000).  The BTXR3000’s internal Bluetooth® module allows a more seamless interface with the XRS Stick Reader, making EID and data collection so much easier and faster.  This positive trend along with feedback from many customers has prompted the decision to discontinue the non-Bluetooth XR3000.  Please refer to the price list for the BTXR3000 product SKU and price. 

Diamond Series Platforms - the Diamond Series 600 Platform has been discontinued.  The new AP600 platform offers the same quality, features, and strength at a better price.  The Diamond Series 800 platform will soon be replaced with the AP800 platform.  This transition will occur when Diamond 800 platform inventory expires.