Weighing In An Alley

Portable Livestock scales options are available for alley weighing. Alley weighing is a convenient and portable way to weigh your cattle. Installation is not difficult – simply attach the load bars to a manufactured Tru-Testplatform utilizing the pre-drilled holes and the included bolts.  Or, you can make your own platform from pre-treated lumber and mount it to the load bars in a similar fashion……your choice. The portability allows the operator the flexibility of quickly setting up a weighing location in various areas around the livestock operation. Setting up a light weight portable platform scale inside the alley makes it easy to capture the weight of an animal without the hassle of relocating them just to achieve weight records.  These portable livestock scales can be utilized on concrete as well as level unimproved surfaces such as packed gravel. Many smaller herds and producers with multiple locations select this option.

Typical Alley Weighing Systems Include:

  • MP Series Load Bars
  • Tru-Test Manufactured Platform
  • Scale Indicator – A number of options are available